WELS Christian Aid and Relief is ready to respond to the devastating tornado wreckage in Moore, Okla., after Monday's storm.

Mr. Mark Vance, Christian Aid and Relief director of operations, has already been in contact with Rev. John Strackbein, pastor at Holy Cross in Oklahoma City. Early reports have confirmed that no members have lost their lives, but at least three families have completely lost their homes. Meanwhile, many others still are waiting to return to their homes after they evacuated to friends’ and families’ houses.

Vance plans to travel to Moore within the week to determine the best ways for Christian Aid and Relief to help. An initial $5,000 already is being wired to the congregation to help with initial needs, such as water and clothing.

Vance says, “What we’re going to do in Oklahoma is sit down with the congregation and the members who have been affected and see how we can help them in the recovery process—whether it’s financial, helping them rebuild their homes, clear debris, whatever it might be. Then, we’ll look at whether the church can do the same thing as a help to the community.”

Vance will also visit the Fort Worth, Texas, area where tornadoes struck earlier in May to meet with pastors there who are looking for guidance for ways to help their community.

To support WELS Christian Aid and Relief and help with needs in Oklahoma, you can give a gift online or send checks to WELS, Re: Christian Aid and Relief tornado disaster relief fund, 2929 N Mayfair Rd, Milwaukee, WI 53222-4398.