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Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Gods's Word is Our Great Heritage
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Here is a link to Dr. Martin Luther's German Translation of the Bible. It was written while he was in seclusion in the Wartburg Castle and was completed in 1545. Via Bible Gateway.

Those Christians who followed the reformer, German monk Dr. Martin Luther, were derogatorily called "Lutherans" by the Roman Catholic leaders of the day. We proudly bear that term today and pray and study the Scriptures that we maintain the truth and purity in our faith that is found only through holding fast to God's word as found in the Holy Bible. We, as traditional Lutherans, believe that every word of the Bible is inspired to the writers by the Holy Spirit and that it is totally and completely correct and without any errors. We also believe that we must use scripture to interpret scripture and not the corrupt human mind to explain what God has said in the Bible.