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Our Savior's Women's Group

Our Savior's Women's Group
The Our Savior's Women's Group is the ladies service organization of the congregation. By virtue of their membership in the Congregation all women are automatically members of the Women's Group.

Members serve their Lord and spiritually encourage others through various projects:
1. Altar Care -- set up altar paraments and banners for the current season of the church year, and prepare the elements of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Set up and take down of wine-individual cups and common cup; set out communion wafers. Wine common-cup instructions are detailed on a chart inside the cabinet door. Sign up with a partner to assist and encourage each other if desired. 

2.Flowers -- Members may sign up to donate flowers that grace the altar during worship. Members can either bring their own arrangement or donate $35 and have an arrangement delivered from a professional florist. Coordinator is responsible to order those arrangements weekly and also coordinate Easter and Christmas altar flower displays. 

3.Greeters – welcome members and visitors to the worship services and help new-comers to enjoy their worship experience with us. Greet visitors; encourage that they sign guest book. Work with Greeter Coordinator to sign up to fill-in.

4. Sunshine Committee/Christian Encouragement -- send cards of spiritual encouragement to members and others; get list of members to pray for from Pastor or women's group officers. Include Christmas cards to students-friends of the congregation

5. Cradle Roll Coordinator -- distribute Christ-focused educational materials to families with young children, through the “Cradle Roll” Program. Order materials; touch base with parents of small children to give them the books and materials. 

4. Fellowship -- Coordinator organizes monthly light food meals to encourage Christian fellowship. Creates a sign-up sheet and encourages members to volunteer in groups of 2 or 3, for a monthly fellowship gathering at which the volunteers provide food and set up coffee, napkins, and utensils. Check supplies and keep stocked with ladies group help. 

5. Lutheran Women's Missionary Society -- The Our Savior's Women's Group is affiliated with The Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society, an organization of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

** Each committee has one or two coordinators and all are encouraged to participate by joining a committee -- please speak to the coordinators and thanks!

Our Savior’s Women’s Group Officers

Co-Presidents/Secretary - Linda DeNichilo and Leslee Geltzer
Treasurer - Shirley Finke